• Vocal Section 2022

    Festival Dates


    Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th February 2022 (Live)

    The Vocal Ensembles section will be held virtually via Play and Perform
    Entries close on January 30th 2022. Late entries will not be processed.

    Adjudicator: Bryan Husband GRSM (Hons), ADWCMD, FISM


    Accompanist: Olivia Travers

    Syllabus and fees

    All entries must be by Play and Perform and will open on 1st October 2021


    Results 2021


    Festival Policies


    All enquiries should be directed to the Section Secretary

    Important Notes for Singers

    • OFFICIAL ACCOMPANIST. Entrants are strongly advised to book the Official Accompanist if they have any doubt about their arrangements and to send her a copy of the music at least 3 weeks in advance of the competition date. Music may be posted or scanned and emailed to her. Requests for the services of the Official Accompanist must be made on the entry form. All fees must be paid on entry. There is a charge of £5.00 per song.

    • MUSIC FOR THE ACCOMPANIST. Music must be presented to the Official Accompanist in a form which is easy to manage and read at the piano. NB. Any repeats or cuts should be clearly marked. A bundle of pages stapled at one corner will not be accepted; a chord chart with lyrics or lead sheet with chords and lyrics and melody will not be accepted.

    • REHEARSAL FEES. Rehearsal fees may be additional and should be negotiated directly with the accompanist.

    • MUSIC FOR THE ADJUDICATOR– An original copy of the music or an authorized photocopy must be provided for the adjudicator on the day of the competition.

    • PHOTOCOPYING - when a work is selected from a publication containing several different works which are not published separately, a photocopy may be made for the use of the adjudicator, provided that the competitor or participant has already purchased his/her own copy. The photocopy will be retained and destroyed by the Section Secretary immediately after the event. It is illegal to photocopy (or copy by other means) works which are copyright, without the permission of the copyright holder.

    • WHAT KEY? In classes for 16 years and under all songs may be sung in a key suitable to young voices, irrespective of original keys.

    • WHAT LANGUAGE? Songs may be sung in English or the original language where appropriate. Diction and pronunciation will be assessed by the adjudicator.

    • OWN CHOICE. ‘Own Choice’ titles MUST be stated on entry forms and may not be changed after an entry has been accepted.

    • NUMBER OF SONGS. Unless otherwise stated only one song or aria may be entered in a class

    • TIME LIMITS are given and must be observed. Performances may be stopped by the organisers or adjudicators if time limits are exceeded. A PERFORMANCE EXCEEDING THE TIME LIMIT WILL BE MARKED AND ADJUDICATED BUT WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A FIRST PRIZE OR GOLD MEDAL

    RuTPAF understands that it is very important that it protects the privacy of submitted information and it will be stored securely in accordance with the new DGPR regulations.
    RuTPAF will only use the data for the administrative needs of organising a large competitive Festival including information about the syllabus, dates, adjudicators, timetabling and programming, Gift Aid (where applicable) and forthcoming events which are connected to the Festival.
    RuTPAF will never share contact details with third parties. The information will only be used to inform about matters relating to the Festival.
    RuTPAF will not supply data to anyone else (unless legally obliged to do so)
    RuTPAF will not hold data longer than is needed to fulfil its purposes.
    RuTPAF acknowledges the rights of teachers, performers and parents of those under 16 to see the data that is held by the Festival in order to correct errors, to have data deleted from records and/or to complain to the authorities if data is believed to be misused.
    RuTPAF data is held by
    The Patrons' Secretary who maintains a list of patrons.
    Festival Section Secretaries for Dance, Instrumental, Piano, Speech and Drama and Vocal. They collect, use and store contact details of:
    all those who have applied to take part in the activities of the Festival
    and all those who have agreed to act as stewards at Festival events