• Partners

    We are very proud of our close relationship with our partners.

    If you would like to be part of something inspiring, please get in touch!

    Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity

    We are pleased to support the Festival, which promotes participation, achievement and excellence in the arts for children and young people in our area of benefit, irrespective of means.

    Established in 1811, Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity supports families and individuals on low income with a grant to help with the costs of gas and electricity and essential household items. Our Charity is able to support activities that contribute to building stronger communities.

    ARTS Richmond

    Arts Richmond, established in 1966, is an independent charity supporting the arts and culture in and around the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames.

    Chimes Music

    Supplying Instruments, Sheet Music, Strings, Reeds and Accessories to London and the World

    British & Int. Federation of Festivals

    For Music, Dance and Speech.

    We support almost 300 festivals across the UK & Ireland and beyond, including Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Malta, Singapore, Spain and Sri Lanka. Some festivals have a wide range of music, speech and dance classes, whilst others are more specialist. Festivals offer an educational platform for performance, the opportunity to hear the work of others and the chance to receive feedback from a professional adjudicator.

    All England Dance Festival

    The All England Dance Competition, founded in July 1923, is the only one of its kind in the world. Its objective is to advance the education of the public in the Arts and, in particular, the performance, appreciation and the practice of the Art of Dance. The main purpose is educational. To provide an opportunity for good amateur dancers to receive the judgement of eminent professionals, to gain experiential knowledge, to benefit from seeing others taking part, to develop their confidence by demonstrating their artistic abilities before both critical and appreciative audiences.

    Richmond Orchestra

    The Richmond Orchestra is a full size symphony orchestra performing concerts in Richmond-upon-Thames. We provide opportunities for good non-professional players to enjoy playing the classical music repertoire, ranging from Bach and Vivaldi through the Classical and Romantic periods into the 20th Century with music by, for example, Stravinsky, Bartok, Arvo Part and John Adams.

    4 dance

    Dancewear Specialist

    Focus Performance Centre of Whitton


    Preparation for drama auditions, LAMDA exams and Drama Festival entry

    Museum of Richmond


    Association of English Singers and Speakers http://www.aofess.org.uk

    Privacy Policy
    RuTPAF understands that it is very important that it protects the privacy of submitted information and it will be stored securely in accordance with the new DGPR regulations.
    RuTPAF will only use the data for the administrative needs of organising a large competitive Festival including information about the syllabus, dates, adjudicators, timetabling and programming, Gift Aid (where applicable) and forthcoming events which are connected to the Festival.
    RuTPAF will never share contact details with third parties. The information will only be used to inform about matters relating to the Festival.
    RuTPAF will not supply data to anyone else (unless legally obliged to do so)
    RuTPAF will not hold data longer than is needed to fulfil its purposes.
    RuTPAF acknowledges the rights of teachers, performers and parents of those under 16 to see the data that is held by the Festival in order to correct errors, to have data deleted from records and/or to complain to the authorities if data is believed to be misused.
    RuTPAF data is held by
    The Patrons' Secretary who maintains a list of patrons.
    Festival Section Secretaries for Dance, Instrumental, Piano, Speech and Drama and Vocal. They collect, use and store contact details of:
    all those who have applied to take part in the activities of the Festival
    and all those who have agreed to act as stewards at Festival events