• Welcome to Richmond Festival

    The Festival is open to amateur performers of any age in the arts of music, dance and drama and it is just that – a festival of the arts with the emphasis on performance in a supportive, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Performances are arranged in sections relative to age and levels of attainment at a variety of venues across the borough of Richmond upon Thames during February and March annually.

    Every participant

    • has the opportunity to perform before a welcoming and sympathetic audience
    • has the opportunity to listen to and see others performing
    • receives a constructive written and verbal appraisal of their performance by an experienced professional in their chosen field as an aid to improvement, understanding and motivation
    • receives a certificate and a category assessment as an indication of relative achievement

    Richmond Festival awards substantial cash bursaries to help with future training to the Richmond upon Thames Young Pianist, Young Singer, Young Instrumentalist, Young Dancer and Young Performer (Speech & Drama) of the Year. There are also other prizes, tokens and vouchers, medals and trophies to be won.

    By providing a goal to aim for and a focus for practice, our Festival offers the opportunity to gain confidence and develop performance technique. The Festival is not a platform for examinations! Nationwide Festivals like ours seek to create not only the next generation of performers but also new and informed audiences.


    Each year some of the performers are chosen to take part in the annual Festival Showcase, held for the past two years at the Normansfield Theatre in Teddington in the presence of the Mayor of the borough. There are also opportunities to work with Richmond Orchestra and some young musicians are invited to take part in local charity concerts. Richmond is a qualifying Festival for the prestigious ‘All England’ Dance competition which is held biennially and many dancers have progressed to the National finals of this event.


    The Festival is affiliated to the British and International Federation of Festivals which sets standards for Festivals across the country and whose Child Safeguarding and Adjudication policies are followed by Richmond Festival.

    Privacy Policy
    RuTPAF understands that it is very important that it protects the privacy of submitted information and it will be stored securely in accordance with the new DGPR regulations.
    RuTPAF will only use the data for the administrative needs of organising a large competitive Festival including information about the syllabus, dates, adjudicators, timetabling and programming, Gift Aid (where applicable) and forthcoming events which are connected to the Festival.
    RuTPAF will never share contact details with third parties. The information will only be used to inform about matters relating to the Festival.
    RuTPAF will not supply data to anyone else (unless legally obliged to do so)
    RuTPAF will not hold data longer than is needed to fulfil its purposes.
    RuTPAF acknowledges the rights of teachers, performers and parents of those under 16 to see the data that is held by the Festival in order to correct errors, to have data deleted from records and/or to complain to the authorities if data is believed to be misused.
    RuTPAF data is held by
    The Patrons' Secretary who maintains a list of patrons.
    Festival Section Secretaries for Dance, Instrumental, Piano, Speech and Drama and Vocal. They collect, use and store contact details of:
    all those who have applied to take part in the activities of the Festival
    and all those who have agreed to act as stewards at Festival events