• General Festival Terms & Conditions


    Please read carefully! Non-compliance with any of these conditions may lead to disqualification.

    1. The classes are open to AMATEURS ONLY, excepting classes marked ‘OPEN’ in which competitors may be of professional or amateur status. For the purposes of this Festival, an amateur is one who does not derive the major part of his/her livelihood from teaching or performing in the discipline, defined by the section title, in which she/he seeks to enter the festival. The Festival reserves the right to refuse entry to any person who in its opinion fails to come within this definition. No performer under the age of 18 years will be regarded as professional.


    2. ENTRIES will be accepted in order of receipt, and will be returned if they cannot be accommodated within the schedule . Section Secretaries reserve the right to reject any piece which is considered unsuitable or not advised in advance of the date of the class. The Festival cannot be responsible for postal or email errors.


    3. TIME LIMITS are given and must be observed. Performances that exceed the time limit will be adjudicated but are not eligible for a prize or may be stopped by the organizers or adjudicators if the time limit is grossly exceeded

    4. COMMUNICATION WITH THE ADJUDICATOR is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED before, during, or after the Festival. All communication must be through the Section Secretary. The Festival reserves the right to disqualify entrants for any breach of this Rule.


    5. ELIGIBILITY FOR CLASSES is determined by the performer’s age on SEPTEMBER 1ST 2017 .Any query about age must be made either before or on the day of competition. Competitors may be required to produce birth certificates before receiving awards.


    6. LATE ARRIVAL – All performers should arrive at least ten minutes before the class is scheduled to start. At the discretion of the Adjudicator, performers arriving late for their class may be allowed to perform at the end of the class, provided the adjudication has not started.


    7. CATEGORIES (for Music Sections), MARKS are awarded for Speech & Drama
    Fair (75-79) A performance limited in its communication.
    Good (80-82) A performance showing development of technique and/or communication.

    Merit (83-85) A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation and/or technical ability.
    Very Good (86-88) A convincing performance technically and artistically.

    Distinction (89-90) An excellent performance technically and artistically.

    Outstanding (91+) An exceptional performance both technically and artistically.


    8. PRIZES – A category of Very Good or above is required for the award of a trophy or prize. Gold medals are awarded to the first placed performer in each class if at least a Very Good category is achieved, with Silver and Bronze to the 2nd and 3rd placed performers, provided there are 5 entrants or more in the class. Medals are not awarded to those over 21 years of age.


    9. CLASSES will be divided into two sections if there are 20 or more entries and treated for the purpose of medal awards as two separate classes. The Festival reserves the right to divide or combine other classes as necessary. Classes may be withdrawn if there are insufficient entries and in this case, entry fees will be returned.


    10. PRESENTATION OF AWARDS. Medals, Certificates, Report Sheets, and most trophies will be presented to the winners following the adjudications. Certificates or report sheets which are not collected may be claimed from the Section Secretary if a large Stamped Addressed envelope is enclosed. Trophies and Special prizes will not be sent by post but may be collected from the Section Secretary.


    11. RETURN OF TROPHIES -all trophies remain the property of the Festival, and must be returned to the appropriate Section Secretary by FEBRUARY 1st of the following year. Failure to do so may result, at the discretion of the committee, in forfeiture of the right to compete in future Festivals.


    12. PERFORMERS AND FESTIVAL OFFICIALS ONLY will be allowed in the performing area. Coaching from the audience is not allowed and may lead to disqualification.

    13. THE USE OF CAMERAS (VIDEO, STILL, PHONE, TABLETS ) AND OTHER RECORDING EQUIPMENT IS NOT PERMITTED due to copyright and Child Safe Guarding issues, especially during the performances. Some AUTHORISED PHOTOGRAPHY MAY BE ALLOWED DURING THE PRESENTATIONS BY Festival officials. Where parents/guardians/carers do not wish photos to be taken at all, then the responsible adult attending should ensure that their child/pupil/vulnerable adult is not included in official authorised photos.


    All attending the Festival are advised to take special care of handbags, musical instruments & cases, music, costumes, disc players, etc.


    15. ADMISSION -The Festival retains the right to refuse admission to any session without giving a reason.

    16. ABSENTEES - it is helpful to the organisers if performers (or teachers) could notify the appropriate the section secretary if they are unable to attend, giving as much notice as possible. This enables the smooth running of the Festival on the day of the event and avoids wasting the time of the adjudicator


    ALL MOBILE TELEPHONES & TABLETS MUST BE TURNED OFF ON FESTIVAL PREMISES, nor is texting/tweeting allowed in the competition halls

    RuTPAF understands that it is very important that it protects the privacy of submitted information and it will be stored securely in accordance with the new DGPR regulations.
    RuTPAF will only use the data for the administrative needs of organising a large competitive Festival including information about the syllabus, dates, adjudicators, timetabling and programming, Gift Aid (where applicable) and forthcoming events which are connected to the Festival.
    RuTPAF will never share contact details with third parties. The information will only be used to inform about matters relating to the Festival.
    RuTPAF will not supply data to anyone else (unless legally obliged to do so)
    RuTPAF will not hold data longer than is needed to fulfil its purposes.
    RuTPAF acknowledges the rights of teachers, performers and parents of those under 16 to see the data that is held by the Festival in order to correct errors, to have data deleted from records and/or to complain to the authorities if data is believed to be misused.
    RuTPAF data is held by
    The Patrons' Secretary who maintains a list of patrons.
    Festival Section Secretaries for Dance, Instrumental, Piano, Speech and Drama and Vocal. They collect, use and store contact details of:
    all those who have applied to take part in the activities of the Festival
    and all those who have agreed to act as stewards at Festival events